Creating a legendary musical venue
We feature the sights and sounds of Blues, Rock and Country.  Music videos are a staple at RW’s during our dinner hour.  Not to say if the Red Sox or Yankees are in the world series or the Super bowl is on we won’t jump on the band wagon, but for the most part its music.  Music, food and family, it just goes together.

Owner Ron Wishna has music in his blood, in addition to being a producer at CBS sports & news, working on projects like the Super Bowl, The Olympic, The CBS Evening News, 60 Minutes, and The Early Show etc, Ron worked on over 45 albums and many tours, for the likes of The Rolling Stones, Journey and Billy Joel to name a few.   Ron has 6 Emmys to his name and many stories that go along with them that he will share if asked. The restaurant is decorated with memorobelia from his past life, like the autographed picture of Tommy Shaw and the boys from STYX wishing him a happy 30th bithday

We will be featuring solo artists indoors during the cooler months and plan a major concert series during the spring & summer.  Stay tuned!    Musicians interested in being considered  should contact us today, we believe the schedule will fill up fast.

Battle of the Bands:  Got a band?  We will be producing a a music video for the winner of our battle starting in the spring of 2012.

There will be a weekly music schedule published here starting next week.


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