Backyard Grills

Backyard Grills

Backyard Grills are what most of us would use for friends and family gatherings, or a small meal cooked on a grill.

The grills listed below are top quality and will provide long service if they are properly maintained. Prices vary considerably, you get what you pay for!

Always remove any ashes left in the grill after the grill is allowed to cool! Ashes are like acid to the metal surfaces, and will quickly ruin the grill .

A true barbecue fan wants a high quality wood or charcoal grill, but for speed and ease of use, go with the simple and clean L.P. gas.

When you’re done here, check out the rest of the Southern Barbecue site! Huge selection of top quality grills and accessories.

Blue Riband The UK’s leading retailers of gas barbeques and accessories. The largest Directory of Gas Grills, Barbecues, Smokers, and

Outdoor Kitchens on the Internet.

Pitts and Spitts Smokers Quality of construction, materials and design! The finest!

Mobile Grills Inc. Towable trailer mounted LP gas and Charcoal Grills and Barbecue Rotisseries.

Stumps Smokers Quality smokers and water smokers.

Texas Pit Crafters Top quality stainless gas grills, outdoor kitchens and mobile rigs.

Real Grill Grill manufactures custom made smoker grill cookers! A+

Tejas Smokers A Texas tradition of fine BBQ pits and grills that hold temperature.

Louisiana Grills A wide selection of wood pellet barbeque grills.

Weber Grills The Original Kettle Grills.

Traeger Industries Pellet Smokers ans Grills.

The Barbecue Store Lots of different style grills.

Charbroil Gas grills of all kinds.

Ducane Gas Grills Highest quality stainless, built to last a lifetime!

Gator Pit The “Ultimate Tailgator Bar-B-Que Pit” This is too cool!

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